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Education in Transformation (EDiT) is a film platform that shares stories and ideas from the Self-Directed Education (SDE) movement. It features the many flavours of SDE environments: Unschooling and Worldschooling families, Democratic Schools, Agile Learning Centers, Sudbury Schools, Free Schools, and Liberated Learning Centers... just to name a few. What they all have in common is a belief that learning is a natural process and that people flourish when THEY get to determine how their education goes.


Who Are We?

We are Pia Janzen and Sierra Allen, passionate learning facilitators and filmmakers. We have travelled extensively, visiting, documenting and learning from radical learning communities around the world. EDiT is our way of sharing the transformative stories we've witnessed. We believe that the thrivability of life on this planet depends on the human ability to return learning to life and life to learning.


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Our Filmmaker Friends

These filmmakers are transformational storytellers that inspire us. They help us offer a rich selection of videos that support our mission to share a diversity of voices and perspectives from the Self-Directed Education movement.


Florie Berrehar

Florie is a French filmmaker who's been dedicating the past few years to a documentary film about Self-Directed Education. It's called Pursuing my Dreams and it tells the stories of 4 alumni of 4 different free schools around the world. It will be released at the beginning of 2020.

Jeremy Stuart

Jeremy’s involvement in the television and film industry has spanned over 30 years. He is the director of two feature-length documentaries about homeschooling and unschooling, Class Dismissed (2005) and Self-Taught: Life Stories From Self-Directed Learners (2019).

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Most Watched Videos

JOHN HOLT | Pioneer of Unschooling and Youth Rights

Who is John Holt?
A short history of John Holt and the influence his writings had on modern-day Unschooling and Youth Rights with a personal story from Pat Farenga, a friend of Holt and an advocate of the modern unschooling movement. This is an excerpt from Jeremy Stuart’s documentary, Class Dismissed.


Emily Letts shares how her experience through formal education led her to a very different approach for her own children and her vision for a future where more and more people are raised wild and free! Emily is the founder of Nature Play ALC and home educates her wild and free boys in Greece. She has degrees in Psychology (BSc) and Social Anthropology (MA) and is training in agile learning facilitation (). She is a loving-birth activist and...

PURSUING MY DREAMS | Documentary Trailer

Schools in which attendance to class is never compulsory? In which children can choose freely their activities and where kids are adults’ equals? Well yes, they do exist! And they can be found all around the world. À la Poursuite de mes Rêves (Pursuing my Dreams) is a documentary film by Florie Berrehar that tells the story of four democratic school alumni in four different countries. They are Spanish, Dutch, French and Argentinian, and...


What does it take to live in community? How do we build our own shelter? How do we balance individual and collective needs? How do we learn from each other in non-institutionalized ways? How do we go back to THE ROOT OF THE ROOT OF OURSELVES? These are some of the questions that were explored at Scholus Pocus Roots, a 10-day Agile Experiential Training between the mountains and the sea on the magical and wild island of Evia in Greece. This event...