#15 | SDE as Liberation, Remembering and Belonging • Ché-vanni Davids, Marco Andrade V, Sierra Allen

In this conversation with our wonderful guest Ché-vanni Davids, we begin to explore the essence of Self-Directed Education (SDE) beyond the “brand” and sometimes elitist messaging that accompanies it. What happens when we re-imagine and re-member learning and education through the lens of love and belonging?

In the second half of the episode we delve into some personal stories that illustrate the ways in which, as facilitators, we are learning to show up with young people in ways that are in alignment with this re-imagining. How do we play with liberating practices, tools, protocols and structures in community without getting trapped by them, re-creating what we wish to move beyond?

Ché-vanni Davids is the founder of Re-imagined Learning Centre, an SDE Community and Ecoversity located in Johannesburg, South Afrika.