#8 | The Miracle of the Pandemic • Nariman Moustafa, Marco Andrade & Sierra Allen

What life experiences shape the work we do in the world?

What are the miracles emerging from this moment in history?

Where can we go for wisdom and localized knowledge during these uncertain times?

How do we see our role in our communities to continue to build resilience and solidarity during physical isolation?

We get into these inquiries and much more in this rich and joyful conversation about generosity, identity, dreams and redesigning who we are in solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode is our first in English, graced with beautiful words from Nariman Moustafa from Cairo, Egypt, changemaker, facilitator and organizer involved in the alternative education and social justice movements and founder of Mesahat: Liberating Learning Spaces and Marco Andrade V, facilitator, social innovator, filmmaker and co-founder of El Nido Casa Abierta in Quito, Ecuador and hosted by Sierra Allen, facilitator, filmmaker and co-founder of the EDiT (Education in Transformation) media platform.


Fred Hampton, the Black Panther who was murdered at 22 by the FBI for his work as a community organizer.

Ecoversities Alliance

Seeds of Freedom is a collaboration between EDiT (Education in Transformation), Rebecka Koritz – Crianza y Aprendizaje en Libertad, y El Nido Casa Abierta