No, Thank You

No, thank you. 

Such a simple phrase, yet many children find themselves in (learning) environments, in which it’s impossible for them to use it.

If you have gone to a conventional school like me (Pia ), then maybe imagining yourself saying “No, thank you.” to your math teacher giving you homework or your English teacher telling you your next assignment makes you smile a bit.

The look on their face might have been priceless if you had tried using the phrase, but in the end you still would have had to do the task (plus an extra assignment if they weren’t the ones who liked jokes).

Yes, imagining this situation made me smile.

But it’s not actually funny that consent doesn’t have a place in our education system, is it?

In this video, former public school teacher Cassidy Younghans speaks about how one of the first things she noticed when exploring Self-Directed Learning environments was the children’s freedom to say no.