Playfulness and Real Life Learning

While filming at the German democratic school I mentioned in my previous posts, it quickly turned out everyone was way more interested in filming than being filmed – Well, why not, I thought. Let’s see what happens.

In this image I’m being interviewed by a 9 year old friend of mine, the microphone isn’t recording anything, but that doesn’t matter.

First thing I noticed: How easy it is to be playful around these kids. To not take yourself seriously. To make silly faces and voices and laugh together and forget about the adult you often have to pretend being in the “outside world”. The interview started with questions like:

– What do you think about… birds?

– and about… water?

We were being silly and enjoying every bit of it.

Second thing that happened: While this girl interviewed me and another one took funny pictures with my camera pretending to be a journalist, a third one sat next to us and laughed with us. Then she wanted to interview me, and after a couple of funny questions, she started asking:

– What do you think about racism?

– What’s your opinion on climate change?

– If a person kills four people in a car accident, should he or she have to pay money to the relatives?

– If the people that died were children and the one who caused the accident was rich, would that make a difference?

– If a person like me was asking you to join a Fridays for Future event, would you just ignore me or come with me?

– What do you think about micro plastic in the ocean?

We were sitting in a room full of people, all different ages. In a way, we were still being silly, and laughing, but I knew that these were actually questions that mattered to her, and I knew that how I answer matters.

I did my best to honestly state my opinion, and we got into a really interesting conversation. Quickly afterwards the other girl took over the interviewing again and we went back to talking about birds and plants.

This is one of those SDE moments I love.

Both of these interviews were super relevant, enjoyable and important in their own way.