Using Our Voices

What does it mean to use our voices, and how does it relate to Self-Directed Education? 

It feels like there is so much happening these days. Discussions about black lives matter, covid-19, feminism and the global political situation come up during meetings with friends, during dinner conversations and family reunions. I(Pia ) feel like I want to speak up and at the same time, I feel afraid to do so, because there’s always someone defending their opinion so vigorously that it feels easier to be quiet.


I remember countless times that I tried to speak up in school. Countless times that I was told “We’re not here to discuss this.” or “That’s enough now.” or “I can’t remember asking for your opinion on this.”


These authority figures had the power to put a simple mark in their notebook and grade my behaviour as ‘inadequate’. At some point you have to choose if using your voice, expressing your actual thoughts, doubts and questions are worth failing a class.


So here are my questions for you dear SDE community:

How do you see young people being encouraged to use their voices in self-directed learning environments?

How do you hold space for the questions and conversations that come up these days?

How do you create a culture in which healthy debate can take place?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!